Spring Wood-Firing

June 9th – 10th
Kiln Opening

June 16th
Mud and Fire Stone


At Mud and Fire Potters our goal is to create pottery that brings joy and tranquility to its user. Asian, Western and Jamaican/African cultural influences are incorporated into our work. From our tea bowls to our sculptural forms, we strive to make each piece unique and distinctive. Even our functional ware is one-of-a-kind.

Our two wood-fire kilns known as Dante and The Firefly, continue to produce beautiful ash glazed pieces. The kilns are located at the right of the image below, housed in the green-roofed open shed. Our studio, which contains our gallery and workspace, is the center building.

Please peruse our online gallery at your leisure. If you are in the area of Little Meadows, Pennsylvania we invite you to visit our gallery where there are many more pieces to view. The colors and textures on our pots are more vibrant than revealed in the photos. Please call ahead to make sure our studio is open.

For more information kindly contact us.

-- Archie Johnson and Ruth Cohen

Photo Gallery